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The Empowerment Center offers training/seminars  to learn how to utilize empowerment approach in their professional works and daily lives.  



Profile of Yuri Morita 

Yuri Morita is the Director of the Empowerment Center located in Osaka, JAPAN

The center offers professional training & consultations to the governments & corporations, workers/volunteers on the topics of diversity, human rights, communication, harassment prevention, and strategies to prevent violence against children and women、She is recognized as one of the pioneers of participatory styles of training/consultation on diversity and human rights.

She has been a strong advocate of nonviolence and empowerment as a professional trainer, a lobbyist to the Diet and an author.  She has published over 26 books, two of them received national awards, Asahi Journal Nonfiction Grand Award and Sankei Children Cultural Award. She also has received numerous awards on her leadership. Among them was the 57th National Public Health Award for her 25 years of leadership and pioneering work in the field of prevention of violence against women and children.

In 2001, she developed MY TREE PARENTS PROGRAM for parents to recover from their abusive relation to their children. The program has been implemented nationwide in Japan for the last 16 years serving more than 1000 parents.

Since 2014 she has been leading  ALOHA HEALING YOGA & ALOHA KIDS YOGA  implementing Yoga classes in the residential treatment centers for children and youth who can not live with parents because of abuse or other reasons.          With the evidence of many researches of effectiveness of yoga/meditation on mental and physical health along with her belief from over 10 years of yoga/meditation training she intends to increase concentration ability and emotional control  of children and youth who have been exposed to violence and maltreatment.  She is the recipient of Youth Development Award of 2016 by American Yoga Alliance, the largest yoga certification organization in the world.

She holds Master degree from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley California, USA. She worked as a trainer for the Child Assault Prevention Training Center of Norther California then for the Dep. of Health of California State for 8 years.  During 1990~97 she worked as a principal analyst for the University of California Office of vice-President developing and conducting training on diversity and human rights for the staff and faculty of the UC system. She has served as a visiting professor for Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.

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Yuri Morita   Author and Human Rights Activist



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Training Seminar  

The main function of the Empowerment Center is to offer training seminars for developing human resources on violence prevention, diversity,human rights and peace communication.  Fifteen to twenty training seminars are being held annually.  Each session takes 1 or 2 days.  Most sessions are conducted by Yuri Morita.

The topics of the trainings are the following.

Leadership, communication, facilitation skill, participatory training skills

  • Training course for Diversity trainer/facilitator (14 hours)
  • Advance training for facilitator’s skill up (14 hours)
  • Assertiveness training (14 hours)
  • Brush up your speaking skills: 7 tools and 10 skills
Violence, child abuse, domestic violence

      For those who work with cases concerning child abuse, DV, sexual     harassment, and other violations of human rights,

  • Training on child abuse prevention and intervention
  • Helping sexually abused children and family
  • Recovery of sexual abuse survivors
  • Domestic violence and children 





Each training usually has 30-40 participants using participatory activities,such as ice breakers, role plays and other group work. The training offers the meththeirods and skills which participants can put in use immediately in  workplaces and communities.

The participants come from all over the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.  Many of them work in the field of education, social service, health care, medicine, law, sports, business management, governments, university, as well as survivors of violence and abuse. Over 8000 people have attended the trainings of the Empowerment of Center for the last 20 years.





Healing yoga













Yoga Training 

     ALOHA HEALING YOGA and empowerment of body and mind   (1day)

     Mindfulness and Empathy :Empathy training by chair yoga and meditation (1day)

    ALOHA KIDS YOGA leader training course(3days)

     Laughter Yoga Leader Training (2days)

The meaning of ALOHA






MY TREE parents program :

for parents who want to stop abusive behavior to their children


The core cause of child abuse is not poverty, not luck of education but luck of self-respect and emotional un-stability of the care givers.

 In the MY TREE Parents Program with its holistic approach of body, mind, and emotion the parents regain self-respect and learn communication skills to guide and discipline their children. Its mindfulness breathing practice helps parents to manage stress and balance the system of body and mind. The small group work with other parents in the similar conditions brings them inspiration and hope.


The program was developed by Yuri Morita in 2001 and has been implemented by the child guidance centers and other government and private organizations in Japan.  As of 2015 over 115 groups were formed and 900 parents completed the program.


Text books for the program